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Established in Tauranga, New Zealand

Our Company is passionate that our grower clients are successful in their business both in New Zealand and around the world. Our ethos is that of service and support to our customers so that thier crops are healthy. High yields and profits follow.

We have many years of growing experience and the support of specialist expertise to provide solutions. We utilize the latest technology and most up to date information in the items we sell, and the technical backup we provide. Grower Technology are NZ distributors for award winning Autogrow Electronics.

Based in Tauranga, our philospopy is to keep overheads low, keep our business uncomplicated thus enabling us to keep prices sharp .

Popular Products

Coir Seedling Mix 20% Perlite

100% coir seedling mix that contains 25% Fine chip coir and 75% fines.

Coir Block Crush Pro 30 GP/70 Chip & Fines

Coir Blocks Crush Pro 30 GP/70 Chip & Fines

Mr Coco Potting Mix Block

100% coconut fibre!

Coir Mulch Block

Mr CoCo mulch is compressed and will expand up to more than...

pH pen

IntelliClimate kitset, with 1x ES incl CO2 module,  (No relays)

A light weight unit just for small zones such as propagation...

Nutridose 1 with REMOTE Sensors & PSU

ND1 doser with REMOTE sensors and PSU (specify voltage and AC/DC)


Featured Products

Solar Integrator

The Solar Integrator is an easy and economical automation of...

Coir Open Top Bags

Coir Open Top Bags

Intelli Dose kit

Intelli Dose kit comes with: - IntelliDose controller with...

NutriTest PRO

A compact, robust device that measures EC, pH and temperature levels....

Coir Fine Chip Seedling Mix

100% coir seedling mix that contains 25% Fine chip coir and 75% fines.

Combo pH & EC controller

Combo pH & EC mini controller to handle simple dosing requirements