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end cap 100x 50

PVC End Cap especially designed for use with Hydroponic Gully

Price $2.20
price With GST$2.20
mulch trade day 10 08 0271

Mr CoCo mulch is compressed and will expand up to more than...

Price $14.74
price With GST$16.95
mr coco brick

Mr Coco Brick, contains fine coir which is ideal for...

Price $4.30
price With GST$4.95
mr coco potting mix4

100% coconut fibre!

Price $7.78
price With GST$8.95
gully joiner
Price $4.44
price With GST$5.11

Multigrow Climate/Vents - Hardware comes with software for single...

Price $8,202.33
price With GST$9,432.68

General Purpose 100% coir Block containing fines and fibre

Price $8.13
price With GST$9.35

Combo - Buy an ND1 with a triple peri AC and comms module fitted and...

Price $3,887.00
price With GST$4,470.05