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Climate Control

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THE MULTIGROW A new expandable modular system from Autogrow Systems Ltd which caters to all levels of grower requirements:- Climate control Fertigation control Hydroponic dosing Simple to advanced Single or multi compartment Serves web pages to PC LAN or WIFI tablet e.g. iPad Uses ultra-reliable CANfreeTM technology



Price depends on what modules you add and what you want it to do

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What it can do
By adding appropriate peripheral devices and software modules the system can be configured to provide climate, fertigation, dosing, batching, irrigation and monitoring functions up to the following limits:-

¨ Up to 8 Climate compartments three styles :
(i) vented,  (ii) fan/pad and (iii) aircon

¨ Up to 8 Dosing and batching systems

¨ 1 Fertigation + re-blend

¨ Up to 8 Root-Zone monitoring and
analysis systems


The hardware modules and software modules are sold separately so that a user with large complex requirements will pay appropriately more than a small user with simple requirements.

Key Features

A low cost multi-compartment system with

Pay for what you use.  This is a very smart and expandable system.  By adding hardware expansion modules and firmware modules you can build a system that is a perfect fit for your needs.  Expensive customization is NOT needed to do this. Expand later by purchasing more modules when you require them.

System designed for maximum reliability
For example, communication busses are extensively protected against voltage spikes and in the event of a module failure it will remove itself from the bus using CANfreeTM to prevent any interference with remaining modules.  The controller will detect this and even though the system may continue to operate satisfactorily, a warning alarm will be set.

System designed for ease of use
Although this system has some very advanced features we have made every effort to keep the user interface as easy to use as possible.  Viewed and controlled by 12” touch screen, or LCD screen & wireless keyboard & mouse and/or Wifi Tablet.

Systems designed for ease of service
Should a system component ever require servicing all parts are designed for ease of replacement.

Systems designed for ease of upgrade
As the controllers have Ethernet ports to connect them to a PC and the internet it is very easy to re-flash the controller with updated software or to apply upgrades to the functionality.  This provides reassurance to the grower that if their needs ever change, it is easy to add new functions even remotely using the internet.

Output modules use true overrides.
Unlike many other systems the output modules have override switches that provide TRUE overrides by connecting the power supply directly to the output without the need for any electronics.  In addition, every output is monitored so that the controller can track the output even when on manual. This means that vents and screens will not get out of synch when manually operated.


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