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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 08 August 2013
Combo - ND1 with a triple peri DC
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Combo - Buy an ND1 with a triple peri DC


A simple nutrient and fertigation controller designed with ease of use and grower demands in mind. The NutriDose 1™ easily and simply monitors a growers nutrient levels in their NFT or fertigation reservoir and doses nutrient based on the growers ideal levels   required.
The additional feature for NFT growers is the ability to have a day and night nutrient feeding level which can be automatically adjusted by the addition of a secondary fill valve to dilute the nutrient to begin the growing day.

Advantages to the Grower

The NutriDose 1TM will expertly manage the nutrient to
optimize it for your plants, this can:
• Increase fruit set and/or flower quality
• Create fewer stressed and vulnerable plants
• Provide the grower flexibility in control
• Provide peace of mind when not on site
Remote Monitoring & Alarms

The NutriDose 1TM has an inbuilt alarms that provide an audible sound on the control unit. In addition when connected to a PC the system will dial out via the computers modem and advise the growers nominated number that an alarm threshold has been breached.

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