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Mr Coco is a retail range of coir 'coconut fibre' that has become popular for commercial growing because of its many great qualities.  Coconut fibre is a by product of the 'coconut' industry and is an renewable resource - it is especially good for growing, with the coconut fibre soft and clean.

This retail range has robust packaging, specifically designed for easy cartage and storage.  They are dehydrated and compressed blocks which when you add water expand to great volumes.

Mr Coco mulch is 100% natural plant material.  It comes from the outer husk of the coconut which is grown in large plantations inland, away from the sea, in Sri Lanka.  The coconuts are grown for the oil and coconut meat so this is utilising the waste product making it 100% sustainable.

The fibres in Mr CoCo Coir are high in lignin and carbon—this means it takes a long time to breakdown and that the Mr CoCo mulch will last longer in your garden.  Coir will break down 4-5 times more slowly than bark.

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Mr CoCo mulch is compressed and will expand up to more than...

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mr coco brick

Mr Coco Brick, contains fine coir which is ideal for...

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mr coco potting mix4

100% coconut fibre!

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